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Findings regarding human nature in the time period we have experienced have had an impact on the increasing importance of human relations in almost every environment. On the other hand, information shows a huge increase. As a result of this information obtained, adapting to the age of development and digitalization has led to the need for new searches on individuals, institutions and societies. Businesses need to know and recognize their employees, as well as people must find their essence in terms of emotional and spiritual. The main purpose of this study is to analyze human resource management practices in accommodation businesses. A questionnaire study was conducted with 315 people selected by the convenience sampling method among 460 employees working in 9 accommodation enterprises in Bitlis and 18 in Van province. The obtained information was analyzed with the SPSS 22 program. The responses to the questionnaires were analyzed and the results regarding human resources applications and employees were obtained. By benefiting from the results of this study, it is thought that it will be possible to develop constructive policies and increase the productivity in the enterprise by knowing the effects and results of the approaches and practices of the enterprises operating in the hospitality management sector on the employees

Hospitality businesses, Human Resources Management Applications


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