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No product may find a fertile market unless promoted well, which allows the targeted segment of consumers to familiarize themselves therewith in terms of value. While music is not a product in its traditional, material sense, it is still a commodity sold in the market and artists or record labels have tried to market songs or albums at different times using whatever media available ranging from specialized music publications to television. Still, the time has come for digital media that possess a variety of essential characteristics differentiating them from conventional media as more efficient and cheaper alternatives that will keep playing an important role in the future of music marketing in the form of multi-componential promotional platforms. This article is about how the marketing of music had changed during the 2000s with the digital revolution. Marketing of music which was not so important in the very past years turned to a marketing war after digitalization. The record shops get into Youtube and digital music platforms and today marketing of music is done in the ocean of digital world. This world is so big that every music product must take a position marketing area. This article is about the changed era of marketing from traditional media to digital media about the change and about the future.

Music, Marketing, Marketing Mix, Media, Digital Media, Digitalization


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