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Family businesses constitute the majority of the Turkish economy. Family businesses face the danger of extinction as they pass from the founding generation to the next generations. Therefore, family business managers must have the foresight to see the importance of institutionalization and the future of the company. In this study, it is aimed to investigate the institutionalization in family businesses and the effect of the second generation on this process. The study was planned as an empirical study. Questionnaire method was used as data collection tool in the study. Reliable and valid survey questions consist of two parts. The first part contains demographic characters, the second part contains information about the second generation. It was desired to reach 425 volunteers operating in the food and construction sector in Konya. 204 participants volunteered for the study. 202 questionnaires were included in the study, and the response rate was 53%. Initially, a pilot study was carried out with 30 volunteers. ANOVA test was applied to test the Homogeneity of Variances (Levene Statistics). In the sub-dimensions of institutionalization, the post-hoc test was applied to see the difference, since only the consistency sub-dimension was smaller than 0.05. In this study, it has been revealed that with the participation of the second generation in the business, businesses need structural arrangements for their transition to professional management and institutionalization. In the process of transferring from the first generation to the second generation, it has been determined that there is a need for patience and for the second generation to complete their individual development. As a result, it can be said that in order for family companies to survive, it is necessary to attach importance to institutionalization and to transfer experience to the second generation.

Institutionalization, Family Businesses, Second generation, Professionalization


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